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>>>What’s this? A simple ASCII emulation of an early web page where using an ampersand as a URL character i still illegal. And, presenting why a “wall of words” is difficult to read on smartphone screens designed to let a finger do the walking, and typing, instead of simply talking. 

>>>The Mac&Murray brick and mortar “advertising agency shingle” joined the established “publishing house 30-years ago” which makes this a very good time to set our,,, and an unfinished aside to delegate editorship of earn-in business-to-business interns , who hopefully understand that copying and pasting MeMeMe speak to replace something as the so-called boring “man in the chair” standard", with a reinvention of an old-fashioned meaningless street barker double-speak, “You are important to us”, that nobody has time to listen to anymore. 

>>>A man in a chair? A 1958 award-winning McGraw Magazines full-page ad campaign that asked eight questions concerning what your company really was trying to sell: I don’t know who you are; I don’t know your company; I don’t know your company’s product or service; I don’t know what your company stands for; I don’t know your company’s customers; I don’t know your company’s record; I don’t know your company’s reputation. Now—what was it you wanted to sell me?

>>>This approach was soon worn-out by copy-cats. But, it did lead to what was quickly labeled for the very full pages of “Sugarman” catalog copywriting of seven lessons, which followed a Hemingway style reinvention of short sentences to grab attention, with wordy spliced on paragraphs that explained what was really happening.  

>>>The major problem today with the Information Highway is that look alike phases and phrases are getting parked in an overflowing lot where you need a keychain with a red button to blow a horn to lead the way to a yet-another-off-the-shelf format.

>>>Which is why lately I have been focusing on what used to be called a “house organ” by converting those to a Webazine locked into an Adobe PDF format, for a URsL that explain in a mini-mission statement way why anyone should take the risk today of clicking on something that might lead to an undefined cloud of disinformation.

>>>Independent publishers have been putting up a good fight protecting creative thought in a hard to top search engine URL listing battle fighting anonymous author's that have stolen by phishing, spoofing, plagiarizing copyright protected words for competitive reasons. And compounded the branding identity hack attacks by misdirecting e-mail to benefit the hard to identify unknowns.

>>>As I have a long-term position in the development of a very ECO (a good example of a webazine /newsletter, as used by many Wall Street marketers) which has taken far too much of my time and energy battling bureaucrats who don’t seem to believe in fair and free enterprise anymore. 

>>>So, I have returned to placing public relations articles as a third party voice subtly leading to further spread the "real news" concerning a client's "man in the chair message". Click on the broadsword button below "Press PDF Articles" for one example furthering one of my own mining ventures. I cannot divulge other successful efforts, except to suggest a read of my latest "affinity" website ( does not run "penny per click" banners for unwanted editorial comments.

>>>At 80-years of age, I have a need to turn a page back into the tried and true tenets of truth-in-advertising. With a little help from some new friends that just need a little mentoring to eventually take over a thirty-plus years institution in an earn-in joint venture.

>>>Why? In a day /time/age , as the “Disinformation Information Age", it is absolutely critical that those tricked by a sound bite or tweet, need to do their own due diligence at a reference library that has a reputation lasting longer than a fleeting moment in people’s overloaded minds, than a measurable and data mined marketable nanosecond. I speak out of personal and professional experience that hackers who spend all their working time trying to senseor lagatemite, copyright, First Ammendment protected web sites that disapear for spoofing, phishing hack attacks attacks on search engines, for spamming purposes, and the ghosting of return e-mail, that misdirects or blacklist blocks by new tactics each and every day right past the taxpayer protection of a less than effective FCC and FTC, which is why I am really looking forward to 2020 to make America Great again

Celebrating 35 years of telecommunicating by computer,
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Search for a Shadow is the chronicle of the Murray Family exploring what is now known as the Pacific Creast National Scenic Trail.

This is a soon to be released 600 page folio of 300 pages of full-bleed color, and 300 pages of text formatted in a fixed page format that respects 500 years of the typographic principles of setting type in a E-FGH-I protocal.

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