[Warning: As this pioneering web site has been identified for years:
"Mac&Murray Multimedia Inc. is a virtual advertising, video production, content providers and web marketing agency. The company offers complete look and feel packages, as well as individual items as video ads and content clips. Mac&Murray has a number of clients that they have little face to face contact with, but through the magic of the Internet and e-mail we can be out in the field getting the best content for those clients"! Apparently this old-fashioned 1900's standard Inc. "mission statement" offended the 2000's business as unusual firm of of Hackers, Phishers and Espionage Spoof, Sic, to the point that CEO Mr. Anonymous, Esq., has mainly won through denial of search engine service, and misdirection of e-mail attacks for forwarding to stolen title servers in the Ukraine, and China. For now. Some recent US Supreme Court decisions give small businesses without a full floor of IT experts to unravel the malware mess a hope that a need for genuine content will eventually prevail.
As some of our e-magazines are financial mass market sensitive we are working on an intelligent way to survive.]

For now, in a reformatting makeover, here is a showcase of our latest projects, starting with revitalizing the promise of independent authors as Steven King to sell his books on the Internet, by advertising through a subscription process. Problem was until recently there was no way to really deliver a quality book, in a quality way, as:


self publishing

A Media Explanation:

An on-line bookstore for small niche publishers that get lost in the mass explosion of vanity press publishers, who may have a very good title to present.

Especially if demographically marketed via a standard website advertising banner.

Looking for money to pay the mortgage? Head for the hills.

Other small press examples from our Mining Magazines side:

Which being we are on the small supply side producers battling multi-national financial greed, does tend to get us censored by supposedly free trade First Amendment protected, overseas corporations, sources and sites.

Affordable building material for small homes
How to placer mine? Ask the experts.

And of course the totally unfinished project of all 50 states with a uniform web ring URL "YourStateTravelMagazine.com":

Where a look at the roll-over map here shows that to reformat to the new vertical on-line page standard (for old-fashioned full page magazine revenue) to fit a tablet sized screen is really really going to take some very talented people.

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