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Much has happened since Mac & Murray operated out of a brick and mortar building in Vancouver, Washington in the 1980-90s. Most notably was the transition in print page production software from Cricket Draw from "desktop publishing" to Pagemaker, Quark Express, and Adobe InDesign, all leading to Adobe Acrobat that could be "ripped" onto a linotronic, and/or then be distributed online as a PDF.

To see how well a 1900's print brochure has held up, with a few unwanted color and type changes, CLICK ON our long term client Canica Jaques trade Show Brochure PDF, following:

A "Be Bold; Be Different" Mac&Murray was chosen by an international Canica-Jaques rock crushing manufacture to take the company upward from number 19 in a worldwide field of twenty. The first thing I did was add "Innovators; Not Imitators™" to a revised logo before introducing some fun into their magazine advertising pages, as follows. Sorry that what has survived after we reached the number one position worldwide in seven-year is only showable in the now-defunct Flash pages.

Our acknowledgment we had been doing something right was and the brand was bought out by a big multinational competitor, that walked away with much of my original thinking as developed for a "web-ring" that also was one of the first to publish QuickTime video.

Another E-Book popular enough today that is going through a reformatting to fit comfortably upon an I-Pad, or slate, or Kindle Reader. The climate change floods of California may have started another 'Gold Rush'.
The path for a former freelance magazine writer/photographer (LIFE, Holiday,etc.) lead to folio brochures.
Another long time client project that spanned from print to the Internet.
This was a team player production of Corporate Human Resources / and Editor-Publisher, on the same page.
And some of the fun I have had with small business branding advertise.
Nepheline syenite is an affordable building material
A massive project that can be broken into two start-ups LLCs, or A+ small stock corporations. Nepheline Syenite is a unique material that may be marketed as and/or
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