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>>> Another affinatitive, though owned by one person "web ring" still in progress which will most likely supply the funding to develop other publising projects further.

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This "Publishing Empire" is in need of earn-in Editor contributors; or a "joint venture" partners; or an outright purchase of everything but, which is to be the title of my memoirs, which I am working on right now. Or anything to do with Nepheline Syenite before that project is no longer in my control. 

After all, I have turned 80-years, and as an individual producer, I only have a few seconds left to fight a deep state natural resources oligarchy that appears to have gotten away with their big bureaucratic buddies riding rough-shod over small entrepreneurs. Which is the insane reason I have had to start-up new websites, as to deal with the reality that the Mining Law of 1872 required that those who staked a claim be an individual US citizen; not an agent for a multinational cartel.

Our active specific interest "webazines" currently active right now, in order to survive Federal agencies, bureaus, and commissions today that are going around established laws of the land, amendments, CFR regulations, to benefit tearing a country apart for their personal gain, well it's almost getting to late to set on the sidelines while waiting for the 2020 election to recover. Hence these strong editorial biases in order of importance:

1), not to be confused with the very proper English MiningMagazine that does such a wonderful job supporting big mining corporations, worldwide.

2) is a new publication that is attempting to show small US investors that "a real gold mine" could be found in minerals the public might have never heard of, except as part of a marketed, imported, product, 

3) is also a new US concentric publication reaching out to those "little people" (thank you OPEC member British Petroleum, or the Anglo Persian Oil Company) for that Lord Haw-Haw quote concerning "widow and orphans" that individual that does not qualify as a million-dollar "qualified investor". 

4) is one of those Swiss Army Knife bundles of non-toxic minerals that know-nothing experts, other than 3M engineers in Arkansas, and New Mexico, need to understand. Go to to compare the nepheline syenite chemistry bundle selling for $250 per minus 325 ground ton.

5) explains the "lost empire" technology that did not make it through the Dark Ages. Part of the reason this has happened is that Englishman Joseph Aspdin patented the first true artificial cement in 1824. The Romans made concrete by mixing pozzolanic pyroclastic volcanic rock ash with lime and seawater. 

6) A very early on acquired URL needed to politically separate underground "hard rock" from a Back East "soft coal", so controlled by BIG oil and coal states, which are not subject to the intents of the Mining Law of 1872. 

7) This is a battleground state, with it's own set of mining laws requiring attention, in a situation where the Federal Government controls by a public trust 52.9% of the natural resources. By political contrast, Texas only has 1.86%; Indiana, 2%; and Iowa, 0.76%. But when it comes to Net Federal Funding, Oregon is at $2,477 per resident, whereas Millionaire Mitch's Kentucky is at $9,145 per resident? Which most likely will become a 2020 election side note concerning the overwhelming SuperPac involvement of funding the untraceable support of paid-for attack advertising on other forms of media.

8) As stated many times the proper way to hold onto VALID un-patented mining claims is to have a full-time team taking care of meeting both Federal and State regulations and payments. At present the only reserves that have been validated by scientific proof are the Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite Claims that have been documented by the US Bureau of Mines (unpublished report); specific USGS Professional Paper (840); The State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral industries; and two private geological /plan of action reports. This validated stockpile could be expanded from a family trust into a "natural resources" Master Limited Partnership, something invented for oil pipeline investors to get listed on a "big board" without going through the risk of loss of control of an IPO.

9) A different idea of how to overcome the SEC unfairness gap of small business fundraising being economically controlled by competitive cartels. Especially where there is no Reg D Exclusion for mining matters. The answer? Use the Mining Law of 1872 allowing for mineral rights to operate as an Association where corporate ownership is excluded. As FoamKrete™ is an un-patentable, uniform mixture of Nepheline Syenite, the logic is the mineral may be sold, in-place, where a bill of sale for a ton replaces a stock certificate. 

10) Step two of a legal "flow-through" choice for any purchaser of Nepheline Syenite in-place tonnage, is to pay an equal amount per ton to register a FoamKrete™ Dealer, with this independent business to supervise the development and marketing of the ore by R&D demonstrations of the unique qualities of this unique and rare mineral deposit. And to help establish regional distributors for a recognized national product which is not a franchise. There is a 2% retained royalty per ton to the original claim holder, and until the whole marketing fully functions without speculative financial risk the "founding" tonnage holders will also receive a 2% retained royalty per ton in addition to the final sales price of their individually owned ton

11) Step three for the owner/dealer of what could be sold as FoamKrete™ coming out the backend of a mill is for the owner of individual ton bill of sale certificates to acquire a numbered position in line to be processed for wholesale sale. This is secured by a downpayment on a delivery contract, unknown for now (somewhere around $120 in today's dollars) which is targeted to make the building of a better house than "stick-built", at an affordable price. To keep the ECO costs, including equipment amortization, plus a 10%, contract, management is required to set a fair minimum wage for all involved, with a limitation that no individual's salary shall exceed ten times that.

12) In the event that the holder of a FoamKrete@ ton certificate chooses to "flow-through" an at-risk Schedule C business, instead of selling for retail market established prices, then it is entirely legal for a group who wish to escape the threat of homelessness by buying into a co-op village. Set it up with a landowner to have an annual annuity. Perhaps in a retire-in-place community that has caregivers and their families living next door, that might be involved in a protected community gardening enterprise.

13) The following URLs are in desperate need of updates. At 80-years old, I need to expand Mining Magazines into a C-corp or LLC, where contributors who have something valid to say, can earn their way in.

14) The oldest of our mining "fake publications" that has been online since 1992 via Newsgroups, and FidoNet, before the World Wide Web came along. This URL is not for sale. It will become part of the collection, in a memoir form as a professional credential.


California Gold Rush How-To instuctions
Another E-Book popular enough today that is going through a reformatting and notation updating . Why bother thinking about small mining opportunities? The climate change caused flash floods of California may have started another new 'Gold Rush'.
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